We are a licensed sports agency providing bespoke management and consulting services for our elite sporting clients. 

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About Us

Our Mission

We aim to ensure every one of our clients gets the best personal level of attention and dedication they need, so they can focus on what is important to them.

Our Vision

We will have a positive impact on all of the sports peoples careers we represent and advise. Alongside this, we are a highly reputable and trusted company across a range of sports.

Our Values

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on being able to give every client a personal tailored service tuned for their requirements.


We are as honest and transparent as possible to all of our clients.

Quality over Quantity

We believe in representing fewer clients than we could to ensure the quality of service we provide is unparalleled.

Forward thinking

We always strive to stay ahead of the game and look to learn and improve our services in any which way we can.

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Our Services

Representation / Contract negotiations

Social media account promotion and advice

Aid in creating commercial profiles

PR and media engagements advice 

General support network

Consulting/ Racing manager services to include race planning.

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